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Debt is Winning the Race

debt winning


Where do I begin. Up until now I feel like I was  gripping my debt by the tail and having control of paying things off, which I have… Lately it seems like money is being spent and I can’t keep track of where it is going… It feels like my debt is winning and I’m losing horribly. Of course I know where our money is going. It’s flowing out of our tiny pockets and through the open window to all of the unexpected bills ( doctor’s bills, speeding tickets from Phil, and Christmas gift, etc..) all of which I did not planned for. In the back of my mind I knew these things were going to pop up but for some reason I figured I could just close my eyes  and dodge the extra expense.  Because in life that really happens…I just didn’t want to deal with the extra expenses this month. Since I didn’t plan for it my debt is winning… AHHH! I  just don’t want to face it this month and I’m suffering with the consequences.

Yes, we are still paying are bills as planned but it seems to be stressing me out by figuring out how to come up with the extra expenses.  The last thing I do not want to happen is to get behind on bills. I need a PAUSE button. Just so everything will stop  for a few weeks, gather my thoughts, get my confidence back, tackle our debt and then press PLAY! I can not lose to debt anymore and yet I just gave up. This is so frustrating! With everything going on I have seem to lose my focus on my debt and that is why my debt is beating me! When I say “with everything go on” I mean my everyday life with work etc.. but also personal things that is going on with my family…  With out really going into it, its like those -unexpected life events that happens to a family member that effects everyone in your family but it uncomfortable to talk about with people because they don’t really know what to say other then I’m sorry to hear that and the only thing you can do it stay positive type of thing. But hey that’s life! We all have things we are dealing with and struggling with day to day.

On a more positive note, cheers to the holidays! I can not wait for what 2016 will bring me. I know it will be all good things 🙂

4 thoughts on “Debt is Winning the Race

  1. When you fall off the horse, you have to get back up, fix the saddle, and get right back up on there. Don’t ever quit. Recovering from debt is a long term game. It takes years for many to get out of it’s clutches. Stay positive and you can beat it.
    Remember, success is a mindset.

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  2. Paying debt off can feel endless at times, particularly if you have a lot and the “unexpected” happens. Don’t be discouraged and don’t give up.
    I noticed you have a surplus in your December budget. It may help with some of these expenses. If you keep the same surplus on a month to month basis, you can build an “emergency fund”.

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    1. Thanks for the advice! That’s what I’m debating about with right now. I have some money put away incase something does happen. At the same time I’d rather take the extra money to put towards debt but at the same time I want some money put away in case something does happen.


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