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Meal Planning

meal plan

What better way to get out of debt then to meal plan! I decided to meal for two reasons; one to save money and the other to stop eating out so much.I’m notorious to want to grab a quick bit to eat  at Chik Fil A, Nalley Fresh, Subway, noodles and Co. while I’m out running errands or just to have an excuse to get out of the apartment and not have to cook or clean. How easy is that? It’ a little to easy and convenient for me, I don’t have to cook or clean! Unfortunately, we are wasting money that we don’t have and spending extra money that we could be using to put towards our mountain of debt. Plus, where we live it’s expensive to go out to eat and to shop at the grocery store. Living in a city is convenient but you are definitely paying for that luxury. So when I do go out to eat or decide to grocery shop, I’m driving 15-20 minutes to “save” money.

So this week I’m doing something different. I decided to meal plan for lunch and dinner for about 5-7 days for two people. When I go to the grocery store I do like to buy fresh meats since I’m not a fan of frozen meals or meats. The only thing I buy frozen are vegetables. Because of this, I don’t mind spending the extra money plus we are not eating as much processed foods.

Once I get home  from work I personally do not want to spend an hr+ prepping, cooking, and then cleaning up my mess which I am in fact a messy cook. I absolutely hate it. When I come home I want to unwind and not have to spend so much time in the kitchen.I’d rather spend this time catching up on some shows, going to the gym, or just being plain lazy. My fiance isn’t really able to cook during the week because when he gets off of work he goes straight to class and doesn’t get home until 8:30-9pm a few nights out of the week and he is up at 3:30 every morning.I found some printable meal planning sheets on Pinterest and found some easy recipes online. I love using a Crock Pot, it’s one of the greatest things ever.

This week I decided to make seasoned chicken with potatoes and green beans, zuppa toscana, chili, chicken noodle soup, and grilled chicken salad. All of these I’m using a crock pot except for the grilled chicken salad. I planned for 5 meals which will cover lunch and dinner for each meal. Since Christmas is this Friday, my finance’s parents are sending us Omaha Steaks. They are sending us a variety of meats which will be great for planning for next week! So for Christmas we will have steak, sweet potato casserole and green bean casserole since I bought  extra ingredients for Thanksgiving and didn’t use it. In one  month I plan on looking back on what we were spending and comparing to what we are saving! We have a BIG year ahead of us and cutting cost is something we must do. We are stilling trying to figure out how to come up with money for a wedding.. Looks like Vegas it is!

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