Food Meal Planning= Success!

“Start believing today that things are going to change for the better. Your best days are still out in front of you.” – Joel Osteen


An update before this year ends and a new year begins

My last post I decided that I was going to meal plan to help Phil and I reduced the amount of money spent while dining out. Last Sunday I sat down and found some recipes  to make using a crock pot and wrote everything down that I would need for the week. I had planned lunch and dinner for two people for 7 days. Total cost: about $80.

Last Sunday I  made a quick and easy recipe using the crock pot and it only took 3 hrs to make. Our first supper was Seasoned Chicken with Potatoes and Green Beans. We just added the raw chicken, frozen green beans, and diced potatoes to the crock pot and added olive oil, Italian seasoning, garlic and salt and pepper. It turned out great and lasted for 3 dinners and 2 lunches for the both of us. Definitely something I will make again.

This past week I attempted to make Zuppa Toscana soup. It was not bad but was missing flavor. I’ll definitely make this again but will need to add bacon and some crushed red peppers. This lasted a while, we got about 3 dinners and 3 lunches for the both of us.

The 3rd meal I made for Christmas Eve was chili. You can not go wrong with chili. It was super easy and simple to make and only took about 6 hrs. I made this for myself, Phil , and his sister and was able to have lunch for Christmas with the left overs. 3 dinners, and 3 lunches is not bad at all.

Christmas Evening we had some filet mignon’s from Omaha Steaks that was mailed to us as a gift 🙂 This was a nice dinner and we even got some potatoe au gratin and baked apple tarlets for dessert. I just made some green bean casserole since I had the ingredients left from Thanksgiving.

As far as Saturday went, we did eat out for dinner. We didn’t have to but it was nice to get out of the apartment and not have to cook or clean up. I had gotten Phil’s sister a gift card to Red Lobster and they both wanted to eat there. So hey why not… For Sunday it is  going to be chicken noodle soup for our souls 🙂 I think this will be nice to have on a Sunday evening before heading back to work.

It actually felt good to plan our meals and have everything on hand when I was ready to cook. I have never meal planned and my first time turned out alot better then I thought. A part of me felt guilty for eating out on Sunday. We did so well this week it felt like I was cheating on my meal planning. At the same time it was nice to know that I did cook and plan for 6 days  and I didn’t have an urge to want to go out and eat and to spend extra money. Over all I feel like the meal planning this week was a success. I do need to figure out how to plan for one day where we can go out and eat to have a nice dinner or lunch with out it breaking the bank.













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