2016, Hiccups Along the Way


With the new year approaching, we were hit with a few bumps in the road.  I waited to post another budget until I figured out when my fiance was going back to work. Now we need to figure out how to manage with one income, pay bills differently this month, and figure out how we are going to get all of our credits cards paid off by December 2016.

We were able to pay all of our bills for December. The day before Christmas Eve, My finance was laid off. In his type of field this is very common. We had already planned for this since he was only going to be off until Jan. 4th 2016… Well that wasn’t the case anymore. Now he’ll be able to return on Jan. 18th! This is something we did not plan for. A few more calls were made and he will  now be heading back to work Jan.11th. This obviously could change again. I only have our bills covered up until the 10th of this month and then we are screwed. Because of his job he does qualify for  unemployment, however, that takes 2-3 weeks to process…. Fingers are crossed we will do fine this month…

Because of the long unexpected lay off I had to tweak  our budget. Before now I have been adding more than the minimal payments towards all of our credit cards. This month it may or may not happen since I don’t know when my finance will be getting paid and my salary won’t be able to cover everything… I honestly do not know what our income will be this month

Here is our January 2016 Monthly budget…


  • Rent: $1200- ( $600 taken out twice a month from my salary) 😦
  • Credit Cards– $1705  this is what it should be.. not sure what we can pay
  • Auto Loan– $355
  • Phone bill– $180 for two phones, eh
  • Car insurance– $255- for two cars ( insurance goes up when you move to the city ):(
  • Student Loan– $100
  • Cable/Internet: $125
  • Electric– $150ish
  • Food– $300
  • Gas– $300


Total: $4,670.00

I realize we are putting a lot towards credit cards but I really really really want to get the credit cards paid off. I know this month we won’t be able to pay that much towards all the cards because of the situation with income. We may need to pay the minimal payments this month and double up next month. I also need to figure out what our income will be this month. so far what I know we should have roughly $2900.

The most important thing I can do right now is stay positive and be optimistic of the situation…Stay tune with updates…




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