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Mid-January Update

Earlier this month I started 2016 off on a rocky road. My fiancé was laid off work and it was going to take 3 weeks before he saw anything from unemployment. My fiancé  was originally suppose to go back to work after a week and didn’t for another 3 weeks. This is all part of the struggles and stresses that debt happily gives you.

Finally  on Friday Phil received his unemployment check! This has helped but definitely will not cover the bills the way I had planned. So this week I had to tweak our budget a bit and adjust the amount I have been adding towards our bills. I wasn’t able to pay the full balance of our cable/internet or pay off Firestone that I had planned to do this month. I also could only pay the minimum on all the credit cards. February will be catching up on this month’s payments so that we can get all but one credit card paid of by June of this year. The last credit card has the highest balance and will be paid off before December of this year.

Another great thing that happened this week was Phil going back work 😀. I’m thrilled about that since he won’t have to sit around all day playing video games and being bored.  Since he is in a union and an apprentice, he is not able to fine work himself. His school has to place him with a company.  So looking for a job is not an option. Fortunately, he doesn’t have to wait a long period of time to go back to work it’s just that in between time where we have to change our spending a bit.With phil  back at work, he is now working over night and outside😞 … not sure for how long.

Now with everything back on track for the month we can continue our journey of paying off our debt!





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