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The Silver Lining in Debt


A silver lining is a metaphor for optimism in the common English-language idiom “Every cloud has a silver lining.”


Back in November or Decemeber I made a decision to blog about my personal experience with debt. I realize when I started to come to turns of tackling my debt I thought I would never see the light at the end of the road. For me blogging about got it out of my mind and off my chest.

In my previous posts I wrote about how my fiancé was laid off and didn’t know how we were going to stay on track paying  more towards each credit card. It was very overwhelming and stressful at times and still is.  Usually when I get stressed out I don’t want to deal with what is causing the stress.

Last night was probably the first time I saw the silver  lining considering our situation. This was the first time I felt good about our debt and wasn’t worrying about it. In every bad situation there is always a silver lining. A family member helped me see this without knowing it. Not to go into to much detail,  im healthy, I’m happy at work, I have my own place, a newer car, a great fiancé who makes me laugh and keeps me extroverted, and we have a plan. I saw the reality for her life and situation and I could help but think “holy shit, I’m happy I don’t have to go through that!” I really having nothing to complain about and have so much to be grateful for.

It’s sad that society makes us think and feel like we should be at a certain stage in our life based on age and so on. In a way I’m happy I’m not married yet or have kids. I know in the near future that those things will happen. I’m very happy that I think we are being smart and responsible with everything. I love that we are planning our future and taking the steps we need to get to where WE want to be. Right now debt is where we are and we will tackle it this year. For many it takes years and that’s ok , the greatest feeling is knowing  that ” this to shall pass”.



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