The small accomplishments

Good and bad things tend to happen at the same time. After I got engaged last June I immediately starting looking at venues and pricing things out. My budget is under 10k because I do not want to spend a fortune on one day for a few hours.  A month later I found out my dad was diagnosed with Esophagus cancer and was in staged 3.

Last summer was the perfect time to realize  that if we wanted to have a wedding we needed have to pay for it ourselves. Once I looked at our finances I knew we really needed to get serious about our money and about paying and keeping our debt paid off.

I found out that my fiancé had some lingering  debt that just needed to be taken care of first. I did not know he had this high balance for  over 3 years. Before we planned any type of wedding and start saving money we needed to pay everything off. Since Aug of 2015 will have paid off $3000 in debt.  We just have to make one more payment to Firestone come Feb. 1st.  I’m so happy about this! The $3000 was for Firestone credit card and a Military collection for  some bogus uniforms he had to pay or whatever excuse they gave.


$3,000 down in debt and $16,000-ish to go! My goal is to have all but one credit card paid off by June of this year and the last credit card paid off by December of this year. Woohoo to the small accomplishments!!








2 thoughts on “The small accomplishments

  1. excellent job! keep going – paying off debt is a challenging journey but when it is done, incredibly satisfying. Wishing your dad a fast recovery from his disease – I hope he is doing well. and all the best with your wedding 🙂

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