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February 2016 Budget

hello feb

“I’m in debt. I am a true American.”
-Balki Bartokomous

One month down of the new year and still in debt…. I took the opportunity to see how much I have paid off and how much I have put myself more into debt. Last month when I started this blog, I didn’t plan for Christmas gift. Thanks to the Amazon credit card, I found away. Not the best way but I was able to buy gifts I technically couldn’t afford. It’s hard to get out of debt, it really is, but I’m determined to do it!

February 2016 Budget:

  • Rent: $1,200
  • Renter’s Insurance: $16.25
  • All Credit Cards: $1,750…
  • Student Loans:  $100..
  • Car payment: $355
  • Phone Bill: $168.
  • Cable/internet: $109
  • Electric: +- $150
  • Car Insurance: $266
  • Gas: $300
  • Food: $300
  • Taxes:$50
  • Hcc:$50

Total Bills:  $4,814.25   Total Income: +-$5,000


This month I have submitted the last payment for Firestone credit card. a $800 balance that has now been paid off. I have one credit card paid off and a couple more to go. Last month I was sent a letter in the mail stating I owed money for a semester at college since I dropped a class. Back in 2013 I was given financial aid and was given more money then what I  was owed based on the number of credits I was taking.. blah blah..  That’s an extra $650 I have to pay back. Phil received a letter in the mail that they didn’t take enough money out from 2014 so he now owes $200. Once I get a few cards paid off I’m going to knock out both of these smaller bills.

It’s so interesting how you pay off one bill and suddenly other bills pop up. How convenient.. This month I will be receiving some commission and my Fiancé is working a lot of over time. I plan on adding $800 to the lowest credit card and have that paid off by April. If all goes as planned we should be on track with our goal.







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