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It’s Tax Season!


The hardest thing to understand in the world is income tax-  Albert Einstein

Taxes are the worse. I honestly don’t think we should be spending so much in taxes, do you know what your hard earn money goes too??? In my opinion, to a bunch crap it shouldn’t go to.  We should have a say where we want it go but anyways…At the beginning of last month I wasn’t sure how much income we would have and like any other person who wants to pay off their debt you start to worry. Luckily Tax season is here, and hopefully in a good way!

I was trying to figure out what else I could do for extra income to help keep us on track of our expenses and not get far behind. Luckily ,things started looking up for us. I decided this year I would switch back to Turbo Tax online. I have done this for years in the past and I have never had a bad experience. Last year was the only time I didn’t do my taxes, not only did it cost $100 that I didn’t have, we had to drive 1.5 hours away to talk to someone for less then 10 minutes. So I just decided this year I would stick to something that I was more comfortable with, TURBO TAX plus I like “filing” my own taxes.

I filed my 2015 taxes both Federal and State with Turbo Tax about 2 weeks ago and have paid nothing!  It was so easy and simple plus, any time I had a question it was very easy to find the answer. Turbo Tax also keeps you informed through emails and text messages. Since I don’t own a home or own property and such, I stuck with the regular edition and didn’t cost me a penny. I was able to file both State and Federal for free. The great part about it was I opted for direct deposit and just received my refund. That was fast! Turbo Tax kept me up to date with everything. Did I mention it was free?

Since receiving my refund,I have decided to put  it all towards one of my credit cards. $1,300 from my tax return paid off another credit card! I’m very happy about the progress. We just have 4.5 more cards to pay! Though I’m a little sad that I can’t save or spend a little, I know the smartest thing to do is get out of debt. With that being said, I have paid off two credit cards in one month. This was all from having the extra income this month. This past pay period I received $700 extra from commission.That is roughly $1,900 of being debt free in just one month!




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