Hello March


Debt is the worst poverty– Thomas Fuller

Last month was great for Phil and I, I receive unexpected commission from the slow season and filed my 2015 taxes, and received my refund in 2 weeks! This month should be good but I’m hoping it’s great!

We accomplished paying off three credit cards last month totally over 3k. Luckily with this extra money I decided to use it towards our debt. I was thinking about this the other day, what if I didn’t have credit cards or other debt to pay off? I could have used that for a million other things. I would definitely come up with reasons to spend it for sure. It would have been nice to have saved it but I realize once we do get everything paid off any extra will be put into savings.

From my pervious posts I have mentioned this debt journey is going to take a good 3-5 years. Not only am I paying off debt but trying to save for a wedding. In my mind it’s hard to save for  a wedding or anything else when your in debt, especially credit card debt. Once I get my credit cards paid I plan to start saving for a wedding 🙂

This  month’s budget:

  • Rent: $1200
  • Electric: $160.40
  • Cable/internet: $127.
  • Phone Bill(2phones): $170
  • Car payment: $355
  • Student Loan: $100
  • Gas:$300
  • Phone$300
  • Credit Cards: $1800 ( way to high)

Total bills: 4512.40     total income: 5,500

Our income has increased 🙂 Phil got a raised last month and since he is working over night he gets extra $$ per hour PLUS he is working over time. Let me tell you if it wasn’t for that we would not be able to pay credit cards off so quickly. The extra money  is great but we never see each other. There are weeks where he does not work over time and/or he cant work because of rain/snow. So the income is not exact. The total income does not include my commission only because I don’t know what it will be every month. Rent actually comes out of my paycheck so it  help we don’t have to worry about physically having to pay for it, that means I get a very, very small pay check every 2 weeks 😦



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