March Progress


I’ve been doing what I can the past few months to pay off mine and my fiancé credit card debt. But of course it doesn’t end there. Credit card dent  is just the beginning.

This past month I have been very grateful to receive some money from my parents for our wedding. This whole time I was stressing over paying all our credit debt off so we could start saving for a wedding. With this huge help I was able to pay off another credit card. We now just have  one, ONE, one credit card left to pay off!! Our last credit card still carries a hefty balance but I know we will have it paid off between Sept-Dec. of this year. It all depends what life will throw at us the next few months.

Now that we have one credit card left to focus on, I plan to start using our wedding as a bill  to “pay” every week. We finally set a date for next July and found a place that included a lot. Though my 10k wedding budget was not realistic. Not realistic in that it couldn’t be done but not realistic enough to DYI everything myself. I don’t have the patience or willingness to do so. Between now and next year we should be able to pay for everything out of pocket. I do not want to use our credit cards and get back into credit card debt. I have thought about in the next few months to open another credit card that will allow us to earn flying rewards to use towards our honeymoon. Everything that we have saved for the wedding would pay the credit off every month. We live in a society that credit cards are used to determine your credit and what you can and can not get approved for.

We have made huge progress the past 4 months alone but our debt journey is not over. We still have my student loan and car  loan to pay while paying down our last credit card, saving for a wedding, a house AND a car for my fiancé.




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