About Me


Hi, I’m Stacey! I’m currently working towards paying off my debt and while doing so planning for a wedding. I’m originally from Southern Maryland and moved to the Baltimore area to attend college. This was such a great decision that I made for myself. Finally on my own and making my own decisions. I currently work, live, and play in Baltimore, Md

I have known my fiance for 10 years now. We met at work (Olive Garden) back when we were 19 years old and eventually became friends. When I decided to move to go to college that was when Phil (my fiance)  decided to joined the Marines. We look back on it now and realize it was the best decision for the both of us. Of course we kept in touch over the years and remained friends. When he finally got of the Military that was when we started dating :).  Phil is currently  a steamfitter and in his 3rd year apprenticeship and I lease brand new gorgeous luxury apartments in downtown Baltimore. 3 years later and here we are!

  So far this has been a great year  for us. I started a new job that I really do enjoy, got engaged, and moved to a new apartment that I absolutely love. Everything is good..for now… Now comes the challenging part. I’m very passionate and motivated to get mine and my fiance’s debt paid off. We never had much debt to begin with but life happens.  We feel stuck and behind knowing  that all of our friends are getting married, buying homes and having babies..

Follow me and our journey as we get out of debt, plan for a wedding and buy a house! With debt comes a lot of struggles, heartaches and stress. It’s time to play catch up!